A Grammatical Aid to the Greek New Testament

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A Grammatical Aid to the Greek New Testament

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Edición: Second Edition Descargado: 33 veces


This book is a useful tool for studying the New Testament in the original Greek. It is designed especially for the student that uses the Greek in his/her analysis of the New Testament text. The author has included grammatical comments, following the order of the New Testament, book by book, chapter by chapter and verse by verse. Consequently, this book has become an indispensable resource for doing an in-depth analysis of the Greek New Testament.

Second edition:

  • Numerous corrections have been made in an attempt to improve the work.
  • Some comments were eliminated in this edition, if they were considered not pertinent for the interpretation of the passage under discussion.
  • A considerable amount of material has been added. E.g., introductions are found at the beginning of the Gospels and Acts, as an attempt to aid in the analysis and interpretation of those books.
  • More information has been included as editorial comments (either in brackets [ ] or preceded by the word “Note”). This is also the author’s personal opinion. This additional information has been provided with the intent of helping students of the New Testament to study the text more adequately and effectively.

More details:

Pages: 409
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